Renegade trials our new Premium Toys

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Today we would like to share with you a little preview of our new premium cat toy range!

These will be available shortly and in the run-up to their official launch we’ve sent some of these to “testers” around the world.

The first one to be featured is Renegade who lives in London with our friends from Katenworld. Those of you that follow both blogs may have seen his mischievous adventures already. 😉

In this first review we are testing the catnip version with him. You can identify the filling of the new toys by their string colours, blue and green strings contain our special 4catsnip filling. So what does Renegade think of them?

He immediately fell in love with them! Especially with the tassels on the durable strings. 🙂 The interesting thing about Renegade is that he is more of a hunter which is very common for exotic breeds such as the Oriental cat.

In addition to the tassels / strings providing a brilliant engagement factor on the toys he also very much liked kicking and shredding our large Cat Wrestler!

But our favourite moment has gotta be the sneak attack he performed!

Let’s make the toy think it’s safe by looking cute… followed by…

… a deadly sneak attack from above! 😀

As you can see our new toys are not just brilliant for cats that like to lick and get excited about valerian and catnip but also provide top environmental enrichment for the little hunters. 🙂




Renegade testet unsere neuen Premium Spielzeuge

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Heute möchten wir mit euch eine kleine Vorschau unserer neuen Premium Katzen Spielzeuge teilen.

Diese werden in Kürze verfügbar sein und im Vorfeld ihrer offiziellen Markteinführung haben wir einige von den Spielzeugen an “Tester” in der ganzen Welt geschickt.

Unser erster Testbericht kommt von Renegade, der in London mit unseren Freunden von Katenworld wohnt. Diejenigen von euch, die beiden Blogs folgen, haben vielleicht shon einiger seiner Abenteuer gesehen. 😉

In this first review we are testing the catnip version with him. You can identify the filling of the new toys by their string colours, blue and green strings contain our special 4catsnip filling. So what does Renegade think of them?

In seinem ersten Test haben wir die Katzenminze mit ihm getestet. Man kann die Füllung der neuen Spielzeuge durch ihre Kordel Farbe identifizieren, Spielzeuge mit blauen und grünen Kordeln enthalten unsere spezielle 4catsnip Füllung.

Also, was hält Renegade von den Spielzeugen?

Er liebte sie sofort! Besonders die Quasten an den Kordeln. 🙂 Das Interessante an Renegade ist, dass er eher ein Jäger ist, dies ist für exotische Katzen-Rassen wie die Orientaler sehr oft der Fall. Sie zeichnen sich dadurch aus, dass sie sehr viel Energie haben und sehr verspielt sind.

Die Quasten an den Kordeln sind spezial dafür gedacht zusätzliches interesse für Katzen zu schaffen. Und natürlich mochte er es auch unsere Spielrolle mit seinen Pfoten zu Treten und Kratzen. 😀

Aber unser Lieblingsmoment muss es gewesen sein, wo er ganz heimlich nochmal die Spielrolle regelrecht angefallen hat.

“So erstmal dem Spielzeug weiß machen, dass es jetzt in Sicherheit ist…”

… und dann ein Ninja Sprung Angriff von oben!

Wie Ihr sehen könnt, sind unsere neuen Spielzeuge nicht nur brillant für Katzen, die  sie gerne lecken und sich generell für Baldrian und Katzenminze begeistern, sondern auch ein Top Spielzeug für die kleinen Jäger unter den Hauskatzen. 🙂

Vielen Dank,


Sonu Singh Reviews 4Cats toys!


My name is Ritu of the blog But I Smile Anyway. I have a beautiful furbaby called Sonu Singh who is the main reason for this post!

Not long ago, my friend Marc from Katzenworld contacted me. This site is amazing for all of you who are cat obsessed, like me, and Sonu Singh has featured a few times on the Tummy Rub Tuesday posts and in the Purrsday Poetry section too!


Marc had a great offer open for us here;

Would we like to review some cat toys for 4Cats in Germany?

Logo 4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH

A little information about 4cats.

We at 4cats are the world’s leading producer of valerian toys and are very anxious to provide our customers with both the valerian and cuddly stuffed toys (4catsnip) in excellent quality . Our products are freshly handmade, filled and packaged in Germany. In the case of valerian toys, the unchanged formulation has been used for 30 years.

Would we heck!

Sonu Singh loves a certain few toys, and it is always enlightening to watch him play with new things. He is quite picky and has been known to turn his nose up at plenty in the past so I think he would be a great, honest reviewer!

Speedily a box was despatched to us and the fun began!

What was I expecting? A couple of lovely toys with catnip and valerian in them to see what the fur-reviewer wanted to play with.

What we got?

OMG, loads of wonderful products from 4Cats!

First we tried the Valerian Knot, then the Catnip one.

I guess you can see what he thought by the reaction to both the toys! The smell drove him wild and he slobbered over both the knots!

Then came the Dolphin cuddle toys, in both varieties.

We started to see the preference a little here. Sonu veered towards the catnip filled toy more, though he liked them both!

Then came some gorgeous valerian and catnip filled heart cushions.

There were some cute motif pillows which he happily hugged too.

The highlight was when he played with the Rustle Cushions. The catnip one drove him wild! He loved it so much!

The company make these little pillows too which you can insert into a special pocket on a cat scratch post toy holder. It refreshes the interest in the scratch post, and gets them all excited too!

I left them all out for him to have a play then… He was in cat heaven, though, I fear, a little high from all the cat drugs we had exposed him to! (Don’t worry, neither Valerian nor Catnip are drugs in reality, they just have certain effects on cats! Both herbs are safe for our feline friends!)

Sonu reacted positively to all the toys, to be honest!

In small doses, I can see that these will be favourites with him. It is important not to leave these out unattended. Though the toys are created to be bitten, licked and pulled about, they could rip, and you wouldn’t want the cat to ingest the valerian, or catnip.

They are available in these gorgeous fabrics, and there are many other designs to choose from too. The valerian and catnip may not smell too pleasant to us two-leggers, but these four-leggers absolutely love the scent!

He definitely took a liking to the catnip Rustle Cushion though!

I hope you enjoyed our first ever cat product review! We had great fun, and if you want to have fun, check out the offer Marc has set up below!

Products available from Katzenworld in the UK. Click here to go to their shop! And, if you enter the code 4cats15 when buying any of the 4cats toys you get an extra 15% off! Bonus!

And Sonu Singh…? Well, he snoozed off his high, in the box… of course!