Diarrhea in Cats – What you Should do

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 Diarrhea in Cats – What you Should do

In this article you will learn how to help your cat best through these difficult days. In the beginning, you’ll probably ask yourself why your cat suddenly has diarrhea and are looking for the causes and of course for a quick fix. It can happen to every cat. Especially with young cats, it happens more often because their immune system is not fully developed. And with households with several cats there is a higher infection rate of diarrhea.

Maybe you already have supporting home remedies such as “healing clay” at home and can help your cat with the correct application to quickly get back to normal bowel movements. In this article, you will find good answers to your questions. We give you tips on the cause, applications, and remedies for improving and feeding your cat. So that your cat will feel happy again soon.

(Image Source: Kirgiz03 / Pixabay.com)

What can be the reasons for my cat’s diarrhea?

The most common causes of diarrhea are food, a frequent change of cat food or a canned food served too cold can lead to symptoms of diarrhea.  It might be that your cat has only upset their tummy a little..

In some cases, diarrhea is caused by certain triggers such as:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungu
  • Viruses
  • Intestinal Parasites and Worms
  • Stress
  • Toxic substances (detergents, pesticides, etc.)
  • Food allergy
  • Dishes with a lot of spices

There are different criteria on how you can analyze the specific cause of the digestive problems of cats. Your cat may also respond to diarrhea with other symptoms. If your cat has a dry and warm nose, it is probably an infection. If they show signs of pain while going to the litterbox, the cause is probably a stronger infection or massive gastrointestinal problems. If your cat rubs their anus on the carpet or floor after going to the litterbox, they probably have worms. Uncontrolled poop may indicate a massive disorder in the gastrointestinal tract and should be monitored more closely.

Are there any immediate measures to alleviate the digestive problems?

In all of the above cases, the cat gastrointestinal tract is sensitive, as it is largely responsible for regulating the immune system. To neutralize the damaged intestinal flora, healing clay is suitable. In the intestine, many important processes take place, such as Preparation of nutrients, the formation of vitamins and combating infections. The healing clay should be mixed in the regular food and thus it can detoxify, cleanse and act anti-inflammatory in the intestinal flora of your cat.

What is my cat allowed to eat despite the irritated stomach?

Generally, you should now pay attention to what your cat consumes. It is best to have light food. For that I recommend you to use things like pure chicken fillet, potatoes, rice or carrots. You can prepare these ingredients individually or together in a pot of boiling water. It is important that you cook them long enough, ideally until they are very soft and can be turned to puree.

In addition, enough fresh water for your cat should be available. In cases of diarrhea lasting several days, electrolytes should be mixed in with the water so that the cat can process the required nutrients easier.

24 hours passed – my cat still has diarrhea

If your cat has digestive problems for more than 48 hours, contact a veterinarian. If diarrhea lasts longer than 10 days at a time, it is called chronic diarrhea. If a vet’s visit is imminent, taking a sample of the excrement stored in an excrement tube from the pharmacy very helpful.

Hygiene in a multi cat house – Avoid cross infection where possible

To avoid the possible cause, such as intestinal parasite, no chance of a renewed risk of infection, it is recommended to replace the cat toilet once the problem is sorted. The parasites are very persistent and, despite recovery, can re-infest the cat since they could have their eggs distributed in the cat litter box. In addition, all blankets, towels, toys and drinking and feeding bowls should be cleaned at a temperature of at least 60 ° C every day for a medium period of time. It is advisable to follow these hygiene standards.

With several cats in a household, the risk of infection is much higher. Due to constant contact between your cats and a communal cat toilet, the pathogen can be spread to other cats. Therefore, all cats should be treated with the same treatment to be on the safe side.

Prophylaxis – Dewormer

As a precautionary measure to avoid a renewed infection or to reduce infection risk in general would be to use worming cure for your cat. This is because worms are one of the most common reasons why your cat might suffer from diarrhea.

A dewormer should be applied 1x to 12x a year. Especially outdoor cats should be given this cure more frequently as they come more more in contact with infection risks. With this treatment you don’t just help your cat but other cats and yourself as well. Some worms may spread to other mammals such as us humans.


If you follow the main tips for treating your cat, diarrhea suffering can quickly be resolved. Pay attention to the diet of your cat and remember to use a light diet or healing clay mixed in with their usual food to avoid secondary problems. In case of complete recovery of the gastrointestinal disorder please do not forget that the pathogen could still be lingering around for a renewed attack in the litter box! Hopefully, this article will help you and your cat get a quick relief of gastrointestinal disease.


4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – August 2018

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Hi everyone,

It’s time for yet another giveaway for a chance to win one of our new premium kickers amongst other toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners’ giveaway page.

And if you’ve missed it don’t forget to check-out the review that Rose wrote about our toys.

The more tasks you complete the more chances you get at winning this giveaway!

Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – August 2018

4cats Baldrian & Katzenminze Weltweites Gewinnspiel – August 2018

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Hallo Ihr Lieben,

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Houdini und der Effekt von Baldrian und 4catsnip

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Der Tag kam, wo uns eine Box mit Spielzeugen geliefert wurde! Ich war so aufgeregt. Ich konnte die Kiste sofort riechen!


Mama, nahm ihr spezielles Messer und öffnete die Box für mich und oh wow, es war wie Weihnachten! Ich war umgeben von Spielzeugen, die so gut rochen! Die Box ist auch fantastisch, es hatte eine Katze mit drauf !!

Natürlich war meine Mama so langsam die Spielsachen aus ihren Paketen zu bekommen, dass Ich ihr mit meinen Pfoten und einigen Miauen einen Schubs geben musste! Sie hat sich dann auch endlich beeilt! Es ist als Katze so schwer gutes Personal zu finden… aber naja sie bekommt langsam den Dreh raus.


Als wir die Spielsachen von 4cats öffneten, stellten wir fest, dass sie extrem gut verarbeitet sind, sie duldeten meine spielenden, beißenden und erstaunlichen Wrestling-Moves (WWE war gestern! Ich bin heute, ha, ha).

Sie rochen so gut, dass ich super aufgeregt war


Ich nahm die Spielzeuge sogar mit in meinen privaten Bereich! Offensichtlich brauche ich Zeit für mich, aber das scheint ich bei Mama nicht anzukommen. Ich kann mich nicht einmal in Frieden lecken, ohne dass meine Mutter denkt, dass ich Yoga-Übungen mache!

Die Kordeln an den Spielzeugen sind einfach pure Freude! Mama spielt mit mir, aber ich bin super schnell und schaffe es immer, die Quasten zu fangen, wenn Mama mit mir spielt

Ich dachte, ich hätte einen klaren Favoriten in der Auswahl der Spielzeuge, aber sie sind alle gleich groß. Sie sind weich, kuschelig, gut gemacht, rochen erstaunlich (so sehr habe ich noch nie mit Spielzeugen gespielt!).

Das ist alles dank der 4cats spiellien Mischung, die hauseigene Katzenminze Mischung heißt 4catsnip und verwendet nur hochwertige Katzenminze.

Insgesamt habe ich es sehr genossen, diese Spielzeuge zu bewerten! So sehr haben mich Spielzeuge noch nie zuvor beschätigt.

Die wichtige Frage bei der Überprüfung dieser Spielzeuge ist, “würde ich diese Produkte meinen Tierfreunden empfehlen” und “Ja, würde ich!”

Besonderer Dank geht an Katzenworld und 4cats, die mir die Möglichkeit gegeben haben, diese Produkte zu bewerten!

Ihr findet mich auf Twitter hier: @HoudiniDancing

HoudiniDancing and the Valerian and 4catsnip effect! Getting high!

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The day came where we were delivered a box with goodies in it! I was so excited. I smelt the box straight away!


Mum, got her special knife, opened the box and oh boy, it was like Christmas! I was surrounded by toys that smelt so good and treats! The box is amazing too, it actually has a cat on it!!

Needless to say mum was so slow at opening the toys out their packets, I had to give her a nudge with my paw and a few meows! She did quicken up eventually! I can’t get the staff at times but she’s getting the hang of it.

When we opened the goodies from 4cats (which are available here on Katzenworld), we noticed that they are extremely well-made goodies, they put up with my playing, biting and amazing wrestling moves (WWE has nothing on me, ha, ha).

They smelt so, so good I got super excited!


I even picked the goodies up and moved them to my private area! Obviously I need my private time, however, I don’t seem to get that with mum. I can’t even lick myself in peace without mum thinking I’m doing yoga moves!

The tassels on the toys are just pure delight! Mum plays with me, but I’m super quick and always manage to catch the tassels when mum plays with me.

I thought I had a clear favorite in the selection of toys however, they are all equally great. They are soft, cuddly, made well, smelt amazing (so much so they made me extremely merry!).

That’s all down to 4cats special formula which is all 100% organic and high-quality catnip or 4catsnip!

Overall, I really enjoyed reviewing these toys! So, much so, it wore me out, its amazing stuff!

The important question while reviewing these toys is, ‘would I recommend these products to my anipals’ and ‘Yes, I would!’

Special thanks go to Katzenworld and 4cats for giving me this opportunity to review these products!

4cats toys are available in the Katzenworld Shop and you can see find 4cats on Twitter as @4catsGmbH for further information.

My Twitter = @HoudiniDancing

Global Tiger Day with Hamerton Zoo Park

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Hi everyone,

As some of you may know from our Facebook page we’ve done quite a bit of work on big cats enrichment with the Hamerton Zoo team over the last few months. So of course when they asked us if we’d like to join them at Global Tiger Day we were most delighted to help out! 🙂

First of all for those of you that have not heard of Global Tiger Day (also referred to as International Tiger Day) is an annual celebration to raise awareness for tiger conservation, held annually on the 29th of July. It was created in 2010 at the Saint Petersburg Tiger Summit. The goal of the day is to promote a global system for protecting the natural habitats of tigers and to raise public awareness and support for tiger conservation issues.

We decided to run a small stall with our wildlife themed toys. From Cat Wrestlers to Motif Cushions there was a nice selection for all types of cats. And of course we had preloaded our Zoo enrichment video on a TV to show people that even big cats like to play.

The Zoo provided plenty of educational talks on the day in addition to their famous “Feed the Tigers” interactive event. And our favourite has to have been the guy walking around dressed as a Tiger!

For the “Feed the Tiger event” visitors get to feed the Tigers with meat on a stick. 🙂 The Zoo had an amazing 81 Tiger feeds on the day!

In total between the Zoo team and us, we managed to raise £1,641.50 for the conservation of Tigers.

Welt Tiger Tag mit Hamerton Zoo Park

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Hallo allerseits,

Wie einige von euch vielleicht von unserer Facebook-Seite wissen, haben wir in den letzten Monaten einiges mit den Großkatzen vom Hamerton Zoo Team gemacht und Ihren Katzen Tiger große Versionen von unseren Spielzeugen kostenlos produziert. Als sie uns fragten, ob wir am Welt Tiger Tag dabei sein wollten, waren wir natürlich sehr gerne bereit, Ihnen zu helfen! 🙂

Falls Ihr noch nicht vom Welt Tiger Tag gehört habt, dies ist eine jährliche Veranstalung am 29. Juli rund um den Tigerschutz.Es wurde 2010 auf dem Sankt Petersburger Tigergipfel gegründet. Ziel des Tages ist es, ein globales System zum Schutz der natürlichen Lebensräume von Tigern zu fördern und das Bewusstsein und die Unterstützung für die Erhaltung des Tigers zu stärken.

Wir entschieden uns, einen kleinen Stand mit unseren Wildlife Designs Spielzeugen vorzubereiten. Von Spielrollen bis hin zu Motivkissen gab es eine schöne Auswahl für alle Katzenarten. Und natürlich hatten wir unser Zoo-Enrichment-Video auf einem Fernseher vorgeladen, um Leuten zu zeigen, dass selbst Großkatzen gerne spielen.

Der Zoo bot neben dem berühmten interaktiven Event “Füttert die Tiger” zahlreiche Vorträge. Besonders spaßig fanden wir jedoch den Angestellten des Zoos, der sich als Tiger verkleidet hatte. 🙂

Für das “Füttern der Tiger” Event bekamen Besucher Fleisch auf einem Stock, welcher dann den Tigern angeboten wurde. Der Zoo hatte insgesamt 81 dieser Fütterungs-Sessions am Welt Tiger Tag.

Insgesamt wurden am Tag zwischen dem Zoo Team und uns £1,641.50 (ca 1,833.16 Euro) für die Rettung der Tiger eingenommen.

Bean und unser Knoten mit Katzenminze

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Bean und unser Knoten mit Katzenminze

Geschrieben von Mel für Ihren Kater Bean

Dies ist ein weiteres Spielzeug von 4cats, dass Ich jederzeit weiter empfehlen würde!

Bean hatte sehr viel Spaß mit seinem Kuschel-Knoten mit Katzenminze. Die Größe ist perfekt zum Spielen und natürlich hat die Katzenminze Ihn mal wieder beeindruckt. 🙂

Und das rot des Knoten sieht mit Bean noch besser aus!

Der Knoten hielt Bean eine ganze Zeit lang unterhalten und er kommt trotz einer großen Auswahl an Spielzeugen immer wieder zu dem Knoten zurück.

Das Beste war es, als Bean mit dem Knoten im Mund von der Küche ins Wohnzimmer gekommen war. Nur damit er mit dem Knoten bei uns spielen konnte. Sowas hat er noch mit keinem anderen Spielzeug gemacht.

Ein fantastisches Spielzeug, dass nicht nur großartig aussieht sondern auch noch sehr günstig ist. Bean liebt es daran zu knabbern, es festzuhalten und natürlich es überall mithinzunehmen.

Bean and our Cuddly Catnip Knot

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Bean and our Cuddly Knot Knot!

Written by Mel on behalf of Bean

Another 4cats toy I would strongly recommend.

Bean has so much fun with his 4cats Cuddly Knot toy. The size is perfect and of course the catnip is a winner.

I must say his colouring does look rather gorgeous with the bright red too!

The Cuddly Knot kept Bean entertained for a good while, and he does re-visit the toy (even though he has loads to choose from) at regular intervals.

He even came walking into our living room from the kitchen with the knot in his mouth, so he could play with it near us; something he has never done with any of his other toys before!

A great, affordable and lovely looking toy which Bean loves to grab hold of, cuddle, bite and carry in his mouth!

4cats Baldrian & Katzenminze Weltweites Gewinnspiel – Juli 2018

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Hallo Ihr Lieben,

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für unser monatliches Gewinnspiel in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Englischen Partner Katzenworld.

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