Giveaway Winner Rose and her Kitties Review our toys

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Hi everyone,

We hope you are having a great week?

As some of you may know we are currently running a series of giveaways with our partner Katzenworld and from one of the recent ones we got some lovely photos sent in.

Please find below the little Review post kindly provided by Rose and her cats:

Just a quick post to say Thank You Very Much for our 4Cats giveaway win. The kitties were really excited to receive the parcel, and enjoyed helping me unpack the box.

4cats toys

“Hey Onni, look at this box full of things. It smells great!”

155 img201704261743414640

“You’re right Pepper, these things smell great! I think they’re for us kitties. I hope Mum hurries and unpacks the box.”

144 img201704261740550520

“Hey! What are you two looking at?” mews Naja as she saunters down from the cat tree. “Oooh yes, I’m sure these must be for us, you know how much Mum and Dad love us. And Mum said we won a prize recently”

152 img201704261742130101

“I love this smelly Valerian! It smells a bit like Dad’s feet and smelly cheese!” says Pepper, as she’s playing with the Dolphin.

“You’re right Pepper, the Dolphin is fun. This Cat Nip pillow is fun to rub on too. Smells great!” says Naja.

145 img201704261740118581

“This Valerian pillow is keeping me amused” says Taivas. “It’s purrfect for wrestling with!”

143 20170421175016

“I prefer to just lie and gently rub on the Valerian pillow” says Sweepy

137 20170421144036

“I like to have a good roll and rub on it” says Flash

141 20170421134247

“Hmm, none of us are quite sure what to do with this one, but I just like to rub my head on it” says Pepper

139 20170421134113

Everybody loves this Dolphin. Here are Onni and Taivas with it.

As you can see, our cats are extremely impressed with their 4Cats toys. I’ve only given them these four shown so far, saving the others for another time.

You can smell the quality of the Valerian and CatNip in these toys yourself – our cats are fussy about cat nip, and won’t play with inferior nip. So judging by their response to these toys, they’re obviously high quality.

Our kitties give 4Cats toys a 5 star recommendation, and I would buy them in the future.

Sadly Cookie was outside whilst gathering photos, but she has given her approval to these toys too.

Gewinnspiel Gewinner Rose und Ihre Katzen testen unsere Spielzeuge

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Hallo Ihr Lieben,

Wir hoffen Ihr habt alle eine gute Woche und es geht euch und Euren Katzen gut.

Einige von euch wissen ja bestimmt schon, dass wir derzeit mit Katzenworld eine Serie von Gewinnspielen machen? Tja heute haben wir ein paar super tolle Fotos von einem der Gewinner erhalten!

Schaut euch mal das Review von Rose und Ihren Katzen an:

Als erstes möchten wir uns ganz herzlich für das 4cats Gewinnspiel bedanken. Unsere Katzen waren super glücklich als das Packet ankam und halfen natürlich sofort beim auspacken.

“Hey Onni, Schau mal diese Box voll mit Zeug riecht super gut!”

“Wow! Du hast recht Pepper, die riechen echt super! Ich glaube die sind sogar für uns Katzen. 😀 Ich hoffe Mami beeilt sich mal beim Auspacken.”

“Hey! Was guckt ihr euch da an ohne mich, miaut Naja?!?” Oh wow.. die sind bestimmt für uns, ihr wisst doch wie sehr Mami und Papi uns lieben. Und hatte Sie nicht letztens erst was von nem Preis erzählt?”

“Ich liiiiiieeeeeebbbbe diesen stinkigen Baldrian. Der riecht genauso wie Pappas Füße und mein Lieblings Käse. :D, sagt Pepper während sie mit dem Delfin spiel”

“Du hast recht Pepper und der Delfin ist echt super. Aber ich mag auch das Katzenminze Kissen und das riecht auch gut, sagt Naja”

“Ich mag mein Baldrian Kissen” sagt Taivas. “Ich kann damit super Wrestling spielen”

“Ich bevorzuge es einfach auf dem Baldrian Kissen zu liegen und drauf rum zu rollen” sagt Sweepy.

“Ich rolle auch gerne drauf rum” sagt Flash

“Hmmm… wir sind uns alle nicht sicher, was wir hiermit genau machen sollen ABER es riecht super”, sagt Pepper

Alle lieben den Delfin am meisten. Hier noch ein Bild von Onni und eins von Taivas

Wir Ihr sehen konntet waren alle Katzen super beeindruckt von den 4cats Spielzeugen. Ich habe Ihnen bisher nur vier davon gegeben, da Ich die anderen für später aufheben werden.

Man kann die Qualität sowohl von den Baldrian, als auch den Katzenminze Spielzeugen natürlich sofort bemerken – unsere Katzen sind sehr schwierig wenn es um Katzenminze geht und rümpfen Ihre Nasen wenn man Ihnen schlechte Katzenminze gibt. Daher kann man an Ihren Reaktionen bei diesen sehen, dass sie einfach fantastisch sind!

Unsere Katzen geben den 4cats Spielzeugen 5 Sterne und Ich würde sie in der Zukunft auch kaufen.

Ach und Cookie war leider draussen und nirgends zu finden, als ich die Fotos machte. Aber sie kam später und gab auch Ihr Zustimmung wie toll diese Spielzeuge sind. 🙂

4cats Baldrian & Katzenminze Weltweites Gewinnspiel – Juni 2017

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Hallo Ihr Lieben,

Es ist mal wieder Zeit für unser monatliches Gewinnspiel in Zusammenarbeit mit unserem Englischen Partner Katzenworld.

Solltet Ihr noch nicht unsere Spielzeuge ausprobiert haben ist dies eine perfekte Chance eine gemischte Box unserer Spielzeuge gewinnen zu können!

Um an diesem Gewinnspiel teilzunehmen muesst ihr einfach nur Aktionen über diesen Link machen.

Umso mehr Aktionen Ihr mach umso mehr Chancen bekommt ihr zu gewinnen:
1. Durch folgen dieses Blogs – 10 Chancen
2. Fürs Tweeten über den Gewinnspiel Link – 4 Chancen
3. Katzenworld Newsletter – 5 Chancen
4. Folgt Katzenworld oder uns auf Twitter – 2 Chancen
5. Folgt Katzenworld oder uns auf Pinterest – 2 Chancen
6. Folgt Katzenworld auf Bloglovin – 2 Chancen
7. Hinterlasst hier ein Kommentar – 4 Chancen
8. Schreibt das ihr teilnehmen möchtet im Katzenworld forum – 5 Chancen

Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – June 2017

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – June 2017

English Post | German Post

Hi everyone,

We’ve once again teamed up with Katzenworld to give you a chance to win a box of our toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners giveaway page.

Chances can be gained by the following methods:
1. Visiting this blog and confirming this via the giveaway tool – 10 Entries
2. For Tweeting about the event through the Giveaway Tool – 4 Entries
3. Sign up for the Katzenworld newsletter via mail chimp – 5 Entries
4. Follow Katzenworld or us on Twitter – 2 Entries
5. Follow Katzenworld on Pinterest – 2 Entries
6. Follow Katzenworld on Bloglovin – 2 Entries
7. Make a comment stating you would like to enter and your email address on this post (for those that don’t use social media) – 4 Entries
8. Leave a comment in the Katzenworld forum – 5 Entries

Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – June 2017

Win some of our toys in the giveaway run in collaboration with Cat Chat with Caren and Cody

Hi everyone,

We were lucky enough to surprise Cody with a fabulous selection of our toys for his birthday! 🙂

An excerpt of his birthday post can be found below:

FINALLY!!!!Cody’s Colossal 10th Birthday Cat Toy Give-Away is HERE!!We deeply apologize for the delay and we thank you for your patience!!!

Cody and I were so happy when a few weeks ago our furiends at Katzenworld  asked if Cody would be willing to try some cat toys that are made by their furiends at 4cats . We happily agreed, but only if we could have a give-away for our readers!


Cody has always been a pretty big fan of catnip, but he had never tried any toys that contained Valerian until he tried the toys from 4cats. I have to tell you, the second I opened the packaging, even after having traveled all of the way from the U.K. to our home, the smell was super pungent! So pungent that not only did Cody “get buzzed”, but I think that I did too!!!

Their cuddly toys, filled with valerian as well as with 4catsnip, are designed with love at their company’s facility based in Stolberg,  Germany where they are hand-crafted and then placed in sealed packaging to preserve their potency. They eschew the use of any adhesives, metal parts or other dangerous components.

For the full post and a chance to get your paws on some of our toys check out Cody’s birthday giveaway here!



Sonu Singh Reviews 4Cats toys!


My name is Ritu of the blog But I Smile Anyway. I have a beautiful furbaby called Sonu Singh who is the main reason for this post!

Not long ago, my friend Marc from Katzenworld contacted me. This site is amazing for all of you who are cat obsessed, like me, and Sonu Singh has featured a few times on the Tummy Rub Tuesday posts and in the Purrsday Poetry section too!


Marc had a great offer open for us here;

Would we like to review some cat toys for 4Cats in Germany?

Logo 4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH

A little information about 4cats.

We at 4cats are the world’s leading producer of valerian toys and are very anxious to provide our customers with both the valerian and cuddly stuffed toys (4catsnip) in excellent quality . Our products are freshly handmade, filled and packaged in Germany. In the case of valerian toys, the unchanged formulation has been used for 30 years.

Would we heck!

Sonu Singh loves a certain few toys, and it is always enlightening to watch him play with new things. He is quite picky and has been known to turn his nose up at plenty in the past so I think he would be a great, honest reviewer!

Speedily a box was despatched to us and the fun began!

What was I expecting? A couple of lovely toys with catnip and valerian in them to see what the fur-reviewer wanted to play with.

What we got?

OMG, loads of wonderful products from 4Cats!

First we tried the Valerian Knot, then the Catnip one.

I guess you can see what he thought by the reaction to both the toys! The smell drove him wild and he slobbered over both the knots!

Then came the Dolphin cuddle toys, in both varieties.

We started to see the preference a little here. Sonu veered towards the catnip filled toy more, though he liked them both!

Then came some gorgeous valerian and catnip filled heart cushions.

There were some cute motif pillows which he happily hugged too.

The highlight was when he played with the Rustle Cushions. The catnip one drove him wild! He loved it so much!

The company make these little pillows too which you can insert into a special pocket on a cat scratch post toy holder. It refreshes the interest in the scratch post, and gets them all excited too!

I left them all out for him to have a play then… He was in cat heaven, though, I fear, a little high from all the cat drugs we had exposed him to! (Don’t worry, neither Valerian nor Catnip are drugs in reality, they just have certain effects on cats! Both herbs are safe for our feline friends!)

Sonu reacted positively to all the toys, to be honest!

In small doses, I can see that these will be favourites with him. It is important not to leave these out unattended. Though the toys are created to be bitten, licked and pulled about, they could rip, and you wouldn’t want the cat to ingest the valerian, or catnip.

They are available in these gorgeous fabrics, and there are many other designs to choose from too. The valerian and catnip may not smell too pleasant to us two-leggers, but these four-leggers absolutely love the scent!

He definitely took a liking to the catnip Rustle Cushion though!

I hope you enjoyed our first ever cat product review! We had great fun, and if you want to have fun, check out the offer Marc has set up below!

Products available from Katzenworld in the UK. Click here to go to their shop! And, if you enter the code 4cats15 when buying any of the 4cats toys you get an extra 15% off! Bonus!

And Sonu Singh…? Well, he snoozed off his high, in the box… of course!


Review of our 4cats Valerian & Catnip Knots for cats by @Artgerechtes Katzenleben

Hi everyone,

The other week we came across this brilliant post by Artgerechtes-Katzenleben, their website is a German page dedicated to helping cat guardians find out about the things that are good for their cats and of course we are therefore most pleased to have been featured on there. 🙂

Below you can see some of the brilliant photos that the author shared on her page.

For those of you that speak German don’t forget to checkout her page! 😀

If you are a retailer wishing to stock our toys don’t forget to get in touch through our main website.

If you are a consumer wishing to get some of these you can get them in the online shop of our partner Katzenworld.



How Valerian works on Felines and it’s benefit in Toys

Hi everyone,

Today we want to take a closer look at toys that are filled with Valerian of which we’ve used many on our own two cats.

Many cat guardians always wonder why cats get so excited over Valerian toys and of course the next natural question is whether it is good or harmful to play with these pungent toys!

Many online articles offer different views of the valerian root (valeriana officinalis) and the effect of it on our cats. Essentially the bottom line is that these toys are safe but just like catnip toys that can induce ecstatic play behaviour should only be used under supervision.

So how does valerian impact your feline companions?

Most cats will cuddle up with the Valerian filled toys, lick them and play passionately with them! You can often see how they rub themselves all over the toys! Some will roll around on the floor and others will chase, kick or chew on the toy.


How does it work?

The Valerian root contains Actinidine which is also known as a cat attract pheromone that is found in Valerian, Catnip and a few other plants! Cats and other Felines (Yes even the big ones!) are attracted to this pheromone.

How long does it work?

This depends a bit on each individual cat and varies from 5 – 20 minutes. Once this phase has passed the cat will enter the so called refractory phase for at least 30 – 120 minutes during which time it won’t react to the fragrant material contained in Valerian toys.

How was it discovered?

Valerian was discovered as a stimulant for cats long before we started using it for our house tigers. Wild Felines have been captivated by so called “cat herbs” for centuries and scientists have been using Valerian as a lure to study small and large felines in the wild!


What are the benefits?

While the cat is attracted by the Valerian it can help them to relax during stressful situations such as shows, firework season and other events that are not part of their general routine. Most cats either get ecstatic and power themselves out or calm down and relax while “enjoying a timeout” with their Valerian toy. Best of all from our personal experience at shows we find that this beneficial effect remains even long after you’ve taken the toys away.

Valerian also often gets used in sprays and air diffuser to induce a calming effects on cats and other animals which is different to the impact of catnip. It leaves most cats calm and relaxed after use of the toys hence why there is a lasting effect!

Have you had problems in multi cat households?

We’ve successfully used Valerian toys in the best example of multi cat households – cat cafes where the Valerian toys have actually helped to calm down tension and help the cat caretakers with introducing new cats to each other. The thing to bear in mind though is that you want to provide sufficient toys as many cats are not good at sharing – not even while under the effect of Valerian.


Especially when you’ve got a very dominant cat they may decide to defend their new found prize! We would generally recommend to have at least one toy per cat handy so in case that they get territoriality you’ve got additional toys on hand!

But what about the smell?

Valerian has a very pungent smell so that does mean that toys filled with Valerian have a strong unique fragrance! 🙂 And really… your cat wants you to get these so what is there not to like if your cat overlord demands it?!?

On a more serious note remember you shouldn’t leave this toy out all day anyway so in a way it’s good as it will remind you to put them away once your cat is finished with them.

We would of course recommend that you leave these out to dry for a while after playtime though! Ideally somewhere the cat can’t get to! If you ever tried a Valerian toy you’ll know what we mean about the need for letting them dry… 😉

Where can I get these toys?

We are working hard on educating pet shops in the UK to stock Valerian toys from us and if your local shop hasn’t got them yet do get in touch with us to see if we can help convince them to stock it. Alternatively you can find both Valerian and Catnip toys made by us on the Katzenworld online shop who is one of our partners in the UK.



Another gingerbread man review post!

Hi everyone,

Following on from our post the other day about being listed in a top catnip and valerian toy list for the UK we’ve just spotted another fabulous review post!


Erin from hello subscription did a lovely review of My Purrfect Gift Box which is a UK based cat subscription box that included one of our valerian toys, the gingerbread man, in their holiday gift box! 🙂

Below a quote from her review referring to our toys!

Gingerbread-man Toy. Hands-down my two kitties’ favorite object in the box was the gingerbread man toy by 4cats.

It’s large for a cat toy,  7” long, and made with durable fabric and nicely embroidered details.

The toy is stuffed with valerian, which is an herb used to treat human conditions such as sleeplessness and anxiety.

I was unfamiliar with its use in cat toys, but both my kitties took an instant liking to the toy and continued to play and snuggle with it a week after opening, with no end in sight.

The one drawback is that it has an extremely pungent and unpleasant scent for human noses, much stronger than any catnip toy I’ve encountered.

The smell does dissipate after a while (or I’ve just gotten used to it!) but this hasn’t lessened the cats’ enjoyment.

Not sure what valerian is and you’ve only ever used catnip? Well first of all most of our toys are available in both valerian and catnip! But if you want to find out more about Valerian you can also check-out this post on Katzenworld.

If you are a retailer wishing to stock our toys don’t forget to get in touch through our main website.

If you are a consumer wishing to get some of these you can get them in the online shop of our partner Katzenworld.



Review of our Valerian toys by Cityscape Bliss

Hi everyone,

We are very pleased to point out this fabulous list of “34 Spectacular Catnip and Valerian Toys Your Cat Will Adore“.

Amongst these fabulous toy you will be able to spot two of our Valerian toys!


If you read their full post you’ll find that Pippin (the adorable black and white cat in the photo) was lucky enough to get their paws on BOTH the gingerbread man shown above and our dolphin. 😀

Not sure what valerian is and you’ve only ever used catnip? Well first of all most of our toys are available in both valerian and catnip! But if you want to find out more about Valerian you can also check-out this post on Katzenworld.

If you are a retailer wishing to stock our toys don’t forget to get in touch through our main website.

If you are a consumer wishing to get some of these you can get them in the online shop of our partner Katzenworld.