4cats Zoo Enrichment Project – Not just house cats like catnip & valerian!

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Hi everyone,

Today we’ve got a very special post for you! A while back our company did a little experiment / study with the big cats in the Zoo in Cologne.

As you can see it’s not just house cats that are interested in Catnip and Valerian toys. 😉

But for most seeing one of the Tigers and other large cats play with an over sized version of our toys is quite something!

Environmental enrichment is something that is very important for large and small cats alike as after all our house tigers are descendants of their wild ancestors and their hunting instinct needs to be kept occupied. Ideally with a toy or two instead of a human’s foot. 😉

We hope  you liked the photos and video and will be back again soon!



4cats Zoo Projekt – Nicht nur Stubentiger mögen Baldrian & Katzenminze!

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Hallo Liebe Leser,

Heute haben wir einen ganz besonderen Beitrag für Euch! Wir haben mit dem Zoo in Köln kleines Experiment durchgeführt und zwar haben wir ausprobiert was die großen Verwandten unserer Hauskatzen von Baldrian und Katzenminze halten. 🙂

Wie Ihr sehen könnt war das Projekt super erfolgreich da es bewiesen hat das nicht nur Hauskatzen Baldrian und Katzenminze mögen. 😀

Natürlich ist es schon was ganz anderes die großen Tiger mit den Spielzeugen zu sehen!

Das man Katzen genug Abwechslung in Ihrem Lebensraum geben muss ist natürlich bereits vielen bekannt aber oftmals vergessen wir das unsere kleinen Stubentiger von den großen Katzen Abstammen und auch noch einen Jagdinstinkt habe. Und dieser ist gut durch Spielzeuge in Schach zu halten.  😉

Wir hoffen euch haben die Bilder und das Video gefallen und wir werden bald wieder einen neuen Beitrag veröffentlichen.



Merry Christmas 2016 from all of us at 4cats!

Hello everyone,

We hope you all have some time to spend with your family and loved ones this Christmas.

And of course that you and your cats are receiving many presents to open. 😀

Thanks to 胖布丁的點點滴滴 & 4cats 四隻貓 For Cats we’ve also got a super cute video of the most difficult christmas decision ever for you!

Luckily all 4 choices are purrfect choices. 😉

Below some more adorable photos with our christmas toys.

Thanks for the great pictures goes to 胖布丁的點點滴滴

With that we wish you all a wonderful christmas weekend! 🙂


THe 4cats team

Special 4cats Toys present for Streetcat Bob at Summer Event 2016

Hi everyone,

Those of you that follow Katzenworld might be familiar with these photos already but for those that haven’t seen them we thought it would be great to share them with you!

Earlier this year our friends at Katzenworld attended a charity event supported by James and Bob (yes the famous streetcat!) so of course we couldn’t resist to make some special toys JUST for him.

Don’t you agree that he looks absolutely adorable with the guitar? 😉


Just about to play a tune or two for us on the catnip guitar! hehe


Of course we made one of our iconic pillows for him as well. 😀

And it looks like Bob is giving them his paw of approval!😀

While the special toys for Bob might have been one-offs we’ve got plenty of valerian and 4cats toys available! If your local pet shop doesn’t yet stock them tell them to get in touch with us by sending an email to marc@4cats.de and we can help them stocking these.
Further details of our toys can also be found on our website for consumers you can also check out Katzenworld’s online shop that stocks a large amount of our valerian and catnip toys.

Welcome to our new Blog!

Hi everyone,

And welcome to our new Blog for 4cats! We will be looking at sourcing interesting topics for you as well as covering important aspects of looking after cats.

Of course at times we will be keeping you up to date with events and shows that we will be attending as well as new details about our own products but primarily we want this to be a fun place to share things about topics we care!


We hope to meet many interesting people and of course if you’d like to collaborate or submit a story when do let us know!