Spike and our Cuddle Monkey

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Hi everyone,

Our catnip monkey might be almost “extinct” as many of you know but that hasn’t stopped Spike and his mum to get their paws and hands on one of them for 11 year old Spike!

As you can see Spike absolutely loved his monkey! And his mum was pleasantly surprised by how much he loves his monkey that now gets carried all around the house.

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Mika and the 4cats Premium Valerian Cat Wrestler

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Hello everyone. We are Mika and Kerstin from the Instagram account @mika_von_brummkratzihausen. If you want to know more about us, just have a look, we look forward to seeing you.

Today we’ve done a product test for you. The object of desire was the:

Premium Cat Wrestler with Valerian

Our first impression: The packaging is very high quality and when closed, you don’t smell the valerian at all. When it is opened however, the scent of valerian can be smelled immediately. However, not an artificial smell that you know from many other products, this smells much more natural. The packaging is very stable and can be used as a storage solution for the toy. The wrestler is nice and firm and made of cord type fabric. The active ingredient inside is valerian. If you squeeze the roll a bit harder, you will be able to feel some of the valerian root pieces. The sewn-on strings with tassels are very tightly sewn and act very play-inspiring.

Mika’s Product Test: At this point we have to admit that we were a bit skeptical because Mika had previously not responded to valerian toys. He was also very skeptical at the first moment, but that quickly came to an end. He circled the wrestler like it was prey and after a short time the strings had to b”suffer”. He pulled and tugged at them. Shortly after he started to bite into the wrestler, which very quickly turned into a clinging and scratching motion. He was really high at that point, did not let himself be distracted, even tasty food became uninteresting. Unfortunately, the wrestler had to take on a lot and the whole floor (and also Mika) were full of lint. That did not detract him from playing though. A whole 10 minutes he had huge fun with the wrestler, then the effect started to become a little weaker over time until he was totally exhausted and lied down tired looking next to the wrestler. At this point we put it back in the packaging and put it aside. The valerian scent seems to be very intense, because even 2 hours later Mika still sniffed where the area on the floor that the wrestler was on.

Our conclusion: We are very excited since Mika was otherwise never interested in valerian. From a quality point, the wrestler also makes a very good impression. For me personally, it is very important that the Valerian roots are tested in independent laboratories by 4cats and thus contain no harmful substances. Therefore, I can also be sure that is not been manipulated with alcoholic tinctures as “flavor enhancement”.

Definitive Product Recommendation!!!!!!!!!
4 of 5 Points for the processing
5 of 5 Points for the play factor of the toys
5 of 5 Points for the active ingredients

Cheers and have fun with the Cat Wrestler!

Mika and Kerstin (www.instagram.com/mika_von_brummkratzihausen)

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – June 2018

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Hi everyone,

It’s time for yet another  giveaway for a chance to win a box of our toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners giveaway page.

And if you’ve missed it don’t forget to check-out the review that Rose wrote about our toys.

The more tasks you complete the more chances you get at winning this giveaway!

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4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – May 2018

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Hi everyone,

It’s time for yet another  giveaway for a chance to win a box of our toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners giveaway page.

And if you’ve missed it don’t forget to check-out the review that Rose wrote about our toys.

The more tasks you complete the more chances you get at winning this giveaway!

Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – April 2018

Bean und unsere 4cats Premium Spielrolle!

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Bean und unsere 4cats Premium Spielrolle!

Geschrieben von Mel für Ihre Katze “Bean”

Von dem Moment an, als ich dieses Spielzeug aus der Verpackung nahm, war meine Katze, Bean, in es verliebt.

Riechen, Kauen, Kratzen und Kuscheln hat Bean so ziemlich alles mit der Spielrolle gemacht!

Es hilf mir ihn sehr lange zu beschäftigen und Ich bin daher der Meinung, dass es ein Muss für Katzen ist die beschäftigt werden müssen.

Im Vergleich zu vielen anderen Katzenspielzeugen ist die Premium-Spielrolle ziemlich groß, aber die Größe (zusammen mit den Quasten) hat definitiv dazu beigetragen, dass Bean so ein Fan davon ist; Er liebt es, die Spielrolle greifen zu können ohne dass es davon rutscht!

Es wurde sogar von Ihm als bequemes Kissen verwendet.

Der Geruch von Katzenminze muss ziemlich stark sein, da Bean selbst wenn das Spielzeug weg ist noch am Fußboden rumschnüffelt!

Ich würde dieses Spielzeug auf jeden Fall weiterempfehlen.

Bean and the 4cats Premium Cat Wrestler!

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Bean and the 4cats Premium Cat Wrestler!

Written by Mel on behalf of Bean

From the moment I took this toy out of the box my cat, Bean, was in love.

From smelling to chewing, scratching and cuddling there is nothing Bean doesn’t love about playing with it.

It kept him entertained for ages so this is certainly a must-have for cats who need to be kept occupied.

In comparison to many other cat toys, the premium wrestler is quite big, but it is the size (along with the tassels) that definitely contributed to Bean being such a fan; he loves being able to grab hold of it without it slipping away!

It doubles up as a comfy pillow too.

The smell of catnip must be pretty strong as Bean loves smelling the floor after playtime!

I would strongly recommend this product.

The story of Big Norm

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Big Norm, or BN for short, is a charming, affectionate young man who lives in Birmingham, England, with his two fur-sisters, Betsy and Pozzy. Although he is happy and loved now, BN didn’t have the best start in life, and was living as a stray in a car park before he was taken in by a local rescue. Fortunately, his time in the rescue didn’t last long and it was around three years ago that BN moved in to his fur-ever home with his mommy and daddy, Caroline and Scott.

BN truly ruled the roost on the idyllic Bank Street, with all the local kitties treating him with the reverence that a kitty of his caliber deserves. The rumors surrounding BN’s wild activities on Bank Street are many and varied, some claim to have seen him making friends with a red fox, others have outed him as the ringleader of the local kitty fight club, but (of course) he refused to comment on that.

BN letting the kitties outside know that he is still the king of Bank Street

Things took a turn for the worse when in early January 2017 he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma and also tested positive for FeLV, meaning his that his days as the feline potentate of Bank Street were over, as his health has led to him having to stay indoors.

BN enjoying his 4cats valerian toy

As I’m sure you all know, being a house cat doesn’t mean that a kitty can’t live an exciting life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. BN, and his sisters, are lucky enough to have parents who know that it is of paramount importance to fill the house with toys. When BN was presented with toys from the 4cats valerian range, he loved them!

BN modelling the 4cats valerian cushion

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – April 2018

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Hi everyone,

It’s time for yet another  giveaway for a chance to win a box of our toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners giveaway page.

And if you’ve missed it don’t forget to check-out the review that Rose wrote about our toys.

Chances can be gained by the following methods:
1. Visiting this blog and confirming this via the giveaway tool – 10 Entries
2. For Tweeting about the event through the Giveaway Tool – 4 Entries
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Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – April 2018

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Win PATS Sandown New Product Showcase Award 2018

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We are very pleased to announce that our team had a very successful few days at the PATS Sandown pet trade show last week.

Each year PATS hosts new product of the year awards at their trade show and this year we’ve managed to secure one of the much sought after awards!

The winners of the PATS Sandown 2018 New Product Awards, sponsored by pbwnews, were chosen by a team of nine expert pet retail judges, who arrived at the show before 9.30am on Tuesday, March 20, in order to make their choices from an impressive number of more than 180 new products entered.

Photo Credit: PATS Show Sandown

We already knew that our products are awesome (and hope you agree! 😉 ) but now we’ve got an official award to proof that they are the best.

So what did the judges say about our products?

Judges said: An attractive, well package product with a Valerian calming option. It will sit well on the shelf, as well as being a good impulse buy around the counter. It is also very well priced.

Are you a pet business and would like to make up your own mind about the quality of our toys? Why not meet our team at the Interzoo in Nuremberg from 8th to the 11th of May 2018 in Hall 7A Booth  421, we would love to meet you and show you our catnip and valerian toys at the show.

Hope to see some of you at Interzoo!


UK Trial of our Pet Airs Elizabethan Cones for Pets

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UK Trial of our Pet Airs Elizabethan Cones for Pets

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have already seen our EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs Elizabethan collars but we thought we’d share a few photos from a trial that a UK based veterinary practice is doing for us at the moment. 🙂

We above photos were taken by their vet nurse as initial “guinea pig” photos with her own pets to check that they can indeed still eat with the Pet Airs on. 🙂

And yes the cone is the wrong way around in the first photo but after all you need to check if they fit first. 😉

It’s sad enough when one of our pets has to undergo an operation but to make things worse it’s not easy for us pet guardians to put traditional cones back on and off. This is where the Pet Airs come in handy as they enable pet guardians to take off the front flap only for feeding time thus meaning once the vet has put them on you don’t need to struggle to take them off and put them back on.

If you are interested in stocking these or if you are a consumer looking to purchase them please do get in touch with us through the form below:

So what are the benefits of the cones? Read on for this!

The collar for your pet

The EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs makes the unloved but often necessary Elizabethan collar for animal patients as comfortable as possible. The patented collar is designed to keep the stress on the animal to a minimum. With a conventional collar, feeding is especially difficult and the animals feel isolated from the environment by impaired hearing.

Advantages of the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar

  • Better air circulation inside the collar
  • Prevents congestion
  • Minimizes hearing impairment
  • Undisturbed feeding without having to remove the collar completely
  • Improved perception of the environment

Detachable front flap for easy feeding

The patented EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar has a removable front flap, connected by velcro strips (Velcro ™) and can be easily removed for feeding or other reasons. Often food ends up inside most commercially available funnel collars. However, when you take the collar off to allow feeding, it is often very difficult to replace it. The detachable front flap (patented) gets round this and allows the animal to feed easily. EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs is the light, flexible and stress-free solution for animals.

The additional improved air circulation within the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar is achieved by small perforations in the form of cute paw prints. These openings also help to prevent congestion overheating and minimize the alienation of ambient noise, as is the case with conventional collars for animals.

Soft padding on the inner and outer edges also reduces irritating noisewhen the cone comes into contact with hard surfaces and prevents unpleasant rubbing on the neck of the animal or the surroundings. Whats more it can also be fixed – by using the innovative loops – to the usual collars of the animal or with a gauze bandage.

Adjustable neck cones in different sizes

The patented EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar is available in 5 different sizes(XS through to XL), which can also be individually adjusted. The high-quality, semi-transparent neck cone is suitable for small animals and kittens as well as for adult cats, small, medium and large dogs.