The story ofBig Norm

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Big Norm, or BN for short, is a charming, affectionate young man who lives in Birmingham, England, with his two fur-sisters, Betsy and Pozzy. Although he is happy and loved now, BN didn’t have the best start in life, and was living as a stray in a car park before he was taken in by a local rescue. Fortunately, his time in the rescue didn’t last long and it was around three years ago that BN moved in to his fur-ever home with his mommy and daddy, Caroline and Scott.

BN truly ruled the roost on the idyllic Bank Street, with all the local kitties treating him with the reverence that a kitty of his caliber deserves. The rumors surrounding BN’s wild activities on Bank Street are many and varied, some claim to have seen him making friends with a red fox, others have outed him as the ringleader of the local kitty fight club, but (of course) he refused to comment on that.

BN letting the kitties outside know that he is still the king of Bank Street

Things took a turn for the worse when in early January 2017 he was diagnosed with intestinal lymphoma and also tested positive for FeLV, meaning his that his days as the feline potentate of Bank Street were over, as his health has led to him having to stay indoors.

BN enjoying his 4cats valerian toy

As I’m sure you all know, being a house cat doesn’t mean that a kitty can’t live an exciting life full of joy, happiness, and fulfillment. BN, and his sisters, are lucky enough to have parents who know that it is of paramount importance to fill the house with toys. When BN was presented with toys from the 4cats valerian range, he loved them!

BN modelling the 4cats valerian cushion

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – April 2018

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Hi everyone,

It’s time for yet another  giveaway for a chance to win a box of our toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners giveaway page.

And if you’ve missed it don’t forget to check-out the review that Rose wrote about our toys.

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Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – April 2018

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Win PATS Sandown New Product Showcase Award 2018

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We are very pleased to announce that our team had a very successful few days at the PATS Sandown pet trade show last week.

Each year PATS hosts new product of the year awards at their trade show and this year we’ve managed to secure one of the much sought after awards!

The winners of the PATS Sandown 2018 New Product Awards, sponsored by pbwnews, were chosen by a team of nine expert pet retail judges, who arrived at the show before 9.30am on Tuesday, March 20, in order to make their choices from an impressive number of more than 180 new products entered.

Photo Credit: PATS Show Sandown

We already knew that our products are awesome (and hope you agree! 😉 ) but now we’ve got an official award to proof that they are the best.

So what did the judges say about our products?

Judges said: An attractive, well package product with a Valerian calming option. It will sit well on the shelf, as well as being a good impulse buy around the counter. It is also very well priced.

Are you a pet business and would like to make up your own mind about the quality of our toys? Why not meet our team at the Interzoo in Nuremberg from 8th to the 11th of May 2018 in Hall 7A Booth  421, we would love to meet you and show you our catnip and valerian toys at the show.

Hope to see some of you at Interzoo!


UK Trial of our Pet Airs Elizabethan Cones for Pets

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UK Trial of our Pet Airs Elizabethan Cones for Pets

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have already seen our EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs Elizabethan collars but we thought we’d share a few photos from a trial that a UK based veterinary practice is doing for us at the moment. 🙂

We above photos were taken by their vet nurse as initial “guinea pig” photos with her own pets to check that they can indeed still eat with the Pet Airs on. 🙂

And yes the cone is the wrong way around in the first photo but after all you need to check if they fit first. 😉

It’s sad enough when one of our pets has to undergo an operation but to make things worse it’s not easy for us pet guardians to put traditional cones back on and off. This is where the Pet Airs come in handy as they enable pet guardians to take off the front flap only for feeding time thus meaning once the vet has put them on you don’t need to struggle to take them off and put them back on.

If you are interested in stocking these or if you are a consumer looking to purchase them please do get in touch with us through the form below:

So what are the benefits of the cones? Read on for this!

The collar for your pet

The EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs makes the unloved but often necessary Elizabethan collar for animal patients as comfortable as possible. The patented collar is designed to keep the stress on the animal to a minimum. With a conventional collar, feeding is especially difficult and the animals feel isolated from the environment by impaired hearing.

Advantages of the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar

  • Better air circulation inside the collar
  • Prevents congestion
  • Minimizes hearing impairment
  • Undisturbed feeding without having to remove the collar completely
  • Improved perception of the environment

Detachable front flap for easy feeding

The patented EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar has a removable front flap, connected by velcro strips (Velcro ™) and can be easily removed for feeding or other reasons. Often food ends up inside most commercially available funnel collars. However, when you take the collar off to allow feeding, it is often very difficult to replace it. The detachable front flap (patented) gets round this and allows the animal to feed easily. EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs is the light, flexible and stress-free solution for animals.

The additional improved air circulation within the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar is achieved by small perforations in the form of cute paw prints. These openings also help to prevent congestion overheating and minimize the alienation of ambient noise, as is the case with conventional collars for animals.

Soft padding on the inner and outer edges also reduces irritating noisewhen the cone comes into contact with hard surfaces and prevents unpleasant rubbing on the neck of the animal or the surroundings. Whats more it can also be fixed – by using the innovative loops – to the usual collars of the animal or with a gauze bandage.

Adjustable neck cones in different sizes

The patented EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar is available in 5 different sizes(XS through to XL), which can also be individually adjusted. The high-quality, semi-transparent neck cone is suitable for small animals and kittens as well as for adult cats, small, medium and large dogs.

What should I do if I find a stray cat?

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What should I do if I find a stray cat?

Cats are well known for their independence and love of exploring their surroundings, which sees them wandering as far as they please. However, they may sometimes need a little help finding their way home or indeed, finding a home.

If you find a stray cat, there are a few things you can do to get them home, or find them a new one. Argos Pet Insurance has put together some tips:

Keep them calm

It may seem like a big task but coaxing them into a carrier, or a makeshift carrier, and covering it with a blanket to ease stress is the best way to calm a cat that may panic in an unknown environment. Never carry a cat in your arms as you are at risk of being bitten or scratched.

Ask neighbours

Knocking on doors in the local area to spread the word is the best place to start after finding a cat, as it may live in the local area.

Check for a microchip

Unlike dogs, cats aren’t legally required to be microchipped. It is strongly recommended that all cats be microchipped, however, so it’s likely that a cat with a home will have one.

If you find a stray cat, take it to the local vet who will be able to check. If it is microchipped, this will help to reunite your new furry friend with their owners.

Get advice from local services

Taking a lost cat to the local vet or animal shelter is the best thing to do. They may be able to trace the owner or help with rehoming the cat.

The RSPCA offers downloadable materials on their website, such as paper collars and ‘found pet’ posters. You can attach a paper collar to the cat with a note, which may help to find its owner.

Use lost and found registers

There are a number of online resources that help to reunite owners with their missing pets.

Pets Located is a free website where you can register a stray cat as found, and also see whether its owner has reported it as lost. If there is no response after a couple of days, put posters up in the local area as someone may still be searching for their missing pet.

Another option is to contact the Cats Protection. They have a Lost and Found Register on their website and will happily assist you.

Know when to leave a cat alone

If a cat doesn’t seem very approachable, it may be feral. In which case, it’s usually happy to live outside, as long as it’s healthy. If the cat appears to be in immediate danger and you need to intervene, always take precautions to avoid being bitten or scratched.

In some cases, local councils or animal charities may have a programme in place to neuter feral cats, so get in touch with them to check.

What to do if your cat comes home injured

If your cat looks like they might be injured or is not taking the food or water you’ve given them, make sure you take them to the vet to get checked over. Pet insurance may be able to help with any unexpected vet bills.

What if I’ve lost my cat?

We’ve got some great tips on how to search for your lost pet effectively here. Pet insurance isn’t just for when your pet falls ill; it can also cover the cost of advertising a lost or stolen pet. Visit for more information on our pet insurance policies.

Dirk and his 4cats Premium Rustling Cushion

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Dirk and his 4cats Premium Rustling Cushion

Dirk is one lucky cat as he got to try the 4cats Premium Rustling Cushion. It’s soft, has strings, there’s catnip inside and it rustles when your cat kicks it so what’s not to like?!

I love teasing Dirk with the rustling sound. When he’s in a different room and hears the noise he is instantly curious and wants to find out where it came from. By now he knows the sound comes from the toy so he knows he gets to play with it if he can find it! This makes it a lot of fun to play together: I like to hide the toy behind my back and move it around when Dirk is looking for it 🙂 Not for too long of course, I don’t want him to get frustrated.

Rustling 3
Finally!! I knew you had it!

It’s fun though as he gets the feeling of chasing or hunting something and once he’s got his paws on the cushion or the strings he’s not letting go!

Now it’s all mine 🙂

Dirk loves tugging and kicking this toy a lot! I haven’t seen him cuddling with it quite as much as with other 4cats Cushions, but it is quite soft so he does actually sleep on it!!

As you know by now, there are lots of toys Dirk likes as long as he can cuddle or kick them. I would recommend this particular toy if you have a cat whose curiosity is piqued by interesting sounds such as rustling paper or aluminium foil. You may well be using foil or paper balls for your cat to chase around the house. This toy has the added benefits of strings, catnip and durable soft fabric so your cat can really enjoy this toy for a long time & you can play with him too 🙂

Mayhew’s #Pawlentine Competition

Mayhew’s #Pawlentine Competition

Do you have a furry Pawlentine who deserves to feel loved this year? Celebrate this Valentine’s Day with London-based animal welfare charity, Mayhew, by sharing a photo of your #Pawlentine and be in with the chance of winning a custom illustration of your pet.


How to win

  • Take a photo of your furry Pawlentine.
  • Share the photo with Mayhew using the hashtag #Pawlentine on Twitter (@themayhew), Instagram (@themayhew) and Facebook (@mayhew) to be within the chance of winning a personalised pet illustration by Nicci James Creative.
  • The competition begins on Friday 9th Feb at 8am and the closing date is Wednesday 14th Feb at midnight.

There are no limits on the amount of Pawlentines you can share with them, so get snapping! Just make sure to send your entries in between 8am on Friday 9th February and midnight on Valentine’s Day 2018. An independent judging panel of Mayhew staff will then choose three nominees to go to a public vote on Facebook and Twitter from 8am Saturday 17th until 11am Monday 19th, where Mayhew’s supporters will choose their favourite Pawlentine.

Mayhew believe animals deserve to be celebrated on Valentine’s Day too, so why not show how much they mean to you by sharing your Pawlentine photos with them.

Terms and Conditions can be found here –

With the day of love just around the corner, why not share the puppy love or make a kitten smitten by buying a Mayhew resident a Valentine’s Day meal –

Vet Warns That Cat Population is “Suffering Dental Pain in Silence”

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Vet Warns That Cat Population is “Suffering Dental Pain in Silence”

Around 85% of cats aged over three suffer from some degree of dental disease, and regular brushing of the pet’s teeth can help, says a leading London-based feline vet.

Dr. Jeremy Campbell, Clinical Director at The London Cat Clinic, one of only a handful of practices in the UK that is cat-only, recommends tooth brushing together with 6-monthly to yearly dental checks to spot disease early. This can help prevent the formation of tartar, which can slow the progression of diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis.

Dr. Campbell explains: “One thing that pet owners can do at home to help reduce the progression of dental disease in their cat is brushing the teeth regularly where possible. This isn’t easy with cats and they need to be trained from kitten-hood but it is possible.

“Owners are often under the impression that feeding 100% dry food will ‘clean’ their teeth sufficiently. However, recent studies have shown that regular dry food has little abrasive qualities, as cats tend to chew too quickly for any real impact. Any effect it has is at the tip of the tooth and most diseases in cats are at the gum level or below the gum line much higher up.”

The London Cat Clinic offers a Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT), including dental radiography.*

A further problem contributing to “the silent suffering”, explains Dr. Campbell, is that cats also tend to ‘hide’ dental disease from their owners, so dental disease may go undiagnosed until the animal is more likely to be in severe pain.

Symptoms include lethargy, decreased appetite, bad breath and inactivity. Left untreated, dental disease can affect the organs, causing damage to the kidney and liver.

Many pet owners are also concerned about the risks of subjecting their pet to a general anaesthetic – particularly if they have an existing medical condition.

Dr. Campbell says: “Pet owners whose cats have underlying diseases or are elderly are often reluctant to bring in their cats in for a dental examination, as they are concerned that their cat will not be a good candidate for general anaesthetic. Often, however, this is not the case. We carry out checks appropriate to their age and any existing problems to allow us to assess risks and to plan accordingly.”

He added: “Cats should ideally have their teeth examined by a vet or nurse at least once every 12 months. Cats that have had dental problems should be examined once every 3-6 months depending on their condition.

“Generally, the sooner the problem is identified, the easier and quicker it is to treat. Even if the cat’s mouth is being examined every day, dental disease will develop and gradually progress. Cats will quite often not show clinical signs until the disease is advanced, by which time many teeth may need to be extracted.”


Skye, an 8-year old cat with a heart murmur, who came into the Bermondsey based clinic for an oral examination, is a case in point. Her gums were very inflamed and some of the teeth were broken due to ‘tooth resorption’ where the body’s own cells destroy tooth structure.

Dr. Campbell says: “Tooth resorption is a common dental disease in cats over 4 years of age and this case highlighted how much cat’s hide their pain particularly dental pain. Skye had a very healthy appetite and had no problems with eating or ‘hunting’. Her owner is a wonderfully observant and attentive carer but it is impossible to see this far back in the mouth of even the most malleable cat without a proper oral examination by your vet or nurse.”

Dr. Campbell recommended that Skye come in for a *Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT). First, he performed a non-invasive cardiac ultrasound (echocardiography) and chest radiographs (x-rays) to investigate the cause of Skye’s heart murmur and to assess risks prior to a general anaesthetic. She was found to have structural changes in the left side of her heart but was considered to be low risk for an anaesthetic adverse event. Skye’s anaesthetic protocol was tailored to her conditions and designed to keep her heart rate nice and relaxed and lungs well oxygenated. She was placed into an oxygen tent for 30 minutes before her anaesthetic to allow her to take in the very rich oxygenated air.

The clinic’s nurses use a multi-parameter monitor for constant monitoring of the heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and breathing (capnography) allowing any alterations to be made minute-by-minute. Dental nerve blocks were used, which reduce intra and post-operative pain and the amount of overall general anaesthetic required which is even better for the heart. Full mouth x-rays were taken which are essential to determine disease below the gumline and a dental chart was completed recording all details for every tooth.   Skye had four teeth removed in total, and is now making a good recovery.

If you would like your cat checked or to discuss a COHAT in greater detail to avoid your cat ‘suffering in silence’, The London Cat Clinic offers a 20-minute complimentary Dental Consultation with one of their nurses.

*Full details about COHAT available here:

4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – February 2018

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Hi everyone,

It’s time for yet another  giveaway for a chance to win a box of our toys! 🙂

To enter simply complete the following actions through our partners giveaway page.

And if you’ve missed it don’t forget to check-out the review that Rose wrote about our toys.

Chances can be gained by the following methods:
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So to be in it for a chance to win this box that is sure to delight your cats simply enter by completing actions through our giveaway tool.

Source: 4cats Valerian & Catnip Toys Worldwide Giveaway – January 2018

The Element of Surprise!

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So everyone,

Friday night I came back home from my day job and I noticed a box on my desk addressed to me. I was aware of some deliveries but at first didn’t realise,  it was a gift for Bowie. The company 4Cats sent him a box FULL of valerian and Catnip toys.

I have honestly never seen a pussycat so excited around a box full of toys. As you can see from the pictures below, Bowie really enjoyed opening some of them. My personal opinion on these toys is… ‘They’re Great!’. It’s hilarious watching him jumping and prancing around with the pillow in his mouth, he is having the time of his life. After about 10-15 minutes he tends to zone out and cuddle up to it, and THAT on its own is adorable.

Speak to you next week guys.

G & B