A Cat toy Company with history.

We at 4Cats are a family run business that specialises in high quality valerian and catnip toys. For the catnip toys we use a special formula of catnip that is our own creation and we call it 4catsnip. Through long testing and trialling we found that this particular mixture works especially well even for cats that usually don’t react to catnip at all! While we won’t disclose our special recipe we can certainly tell you that it is 100% organic and high quality catnip.

All of our cat toys are made in Germany in our premises in Stolberg by Aachen. We only use high quality ingredients and material and all toys undergo the highest quality assurance to ensure that customers are satisfied and their cats will have long lasting fun and entertainment with them.
Idea, design, prototyping, programming of the lasers and the sewing machines are equally made by us, like sewing, filling and packing.

The fleece used in our toys is OEKO TEX 100 certified, the wadding inside is also OEKO Tex 100 certified, and this also applies to the yarn that we use for the stitching.

The shapes are cut with a CO² Laser to ensure precision for each one of our designs.

What’s even better any of the toys that have minor issues such as wonky stitching or colour variances are used by us to support cat charities in both Germany and UK by providing these to charitable organisations free of charge! It is our belief that every cat deserves a home and while they are waiting for their forever place why not help them pass the waiting time with one of our fantastic toys.
Additionally we recently signed an agreement with EezyEat4Pets to become the exclusive worldwide distribution partner of their latest generation of Elizabethan collars the “Pet Airs”which thanks to a unique design make it simple and easy for your pet to continue to eat while preventing them from messing with wounds!

The brand new Pet Airs version is a unique design that will be shown for the first time in the UK at this pet show.
Our History:
So how did it all start? Many years ago the mother of our current head of the company, Markus Friedrich, wanted to support our local cat rescue and started stitching little pillows with valerian filling for cats, these made it into three local pet shops and were sold as a “good cause” to raise money for charity.

As time went by Markus Friedrich realised that cat toys could be something better and more important than the usual little extra on a trip to the pet shop or as in the case of his mother a way of raising money for charity! And this was how he together with his partner Marion Hamacher came up with the idea to produce cat toys in ever increasing quantities. In Germany alone some of the leading large pet retail chains now stock our toys but it doesn’t just stop there, we even export to Japan, Taiwan, Turkey and of course now also the UK!