UK Trial of our Pet Airs Elizabethan Cones for Pets

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UK Trial of our Pet Airs Elizabethan Cones for Pets

Hi everyone,

Some of you may have already seen our EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs Elizabethan collars but we thought we’d share a few photos from a trial that a UK based veterinary practice is doing for us at the moment. 🙂

We above photos were taken by their vet nurse as initial “guinea pig” photos with her own pets to check that they can indeed still eat with the Pet Airs on. 🙂

And yes the cone is the wrong way around in the first photo but after all you need to check if they fit first. 😉

It’s sad enough when one of our pets has to undergo an operation but to make things worse it’s not easy for us pet guardians to put traditional cones back on and off. This is where the Pet Airs come in handy as they enable pet guardians to take off the front flap only for feeding time thus meaning once the vet has put them on you don’t need to struggle to take them off and put them back on.

If you are interested in stocking these or if you are a consumer looking to purchase them please do get in touch with us through the form below:

So what are the benefits of the cones? Read on for this!

The collar for your pet

The EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs makes the unloved but often necessary Elizabethan collar for animal patients as comfortable as possible. The patented collar is designed to keep the stress on the animal to a minimum. With a conventional collar, feeding is especially difficult and the animals feel isolated from the environment by impaired hearing.

Advantages of the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar

  • Better air circulation inside the collar
  • Prevents congestion
  • Minimizes hearing impairment
  • Undisturbed feeding without having to remove the collar completely
  • Improved perception of the environment

Detachable front flap for easy feeding

The patented EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar has a removable front flap, connected by velcro strips (Velcro ™) and can be easily removed for feeding or other reasons. Often food ends up inside most commercially available funnel collars. However, when you take the collar off to allow feeding, it is often very difficult to replace it. The detachable front flap (patented) gets round this and allows the animal to feed easily. EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs is the light, flexible and stress-free solution for animals.

The additional improved air circulation within the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar is achieved by small perforations in the form of cute paw prints. These openings also help to prevent congestion overheating and minimize the alienation of ambient noise, as is the case with conventional collars for animals.

Soft padding on the inner and outer edges also reduces irritating noisewhen the cone comes into contact with hard surfaces and prevents unpleasant rubbing on the neck of the animal or the surroundings. Whats more it can also be fixed – by using the innovative loops – to the usual collars of the animal or with a gauze bandage.

Adjustable neck cones in different sizes

The patented EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar is available in 5 different sizes(XS through to XL), which can also be individually adjusted. The high-quality, semi-transparent neck cone is suitable for small animals and kittens as well as for adult cats, small, medium and large dogs.

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