Another great review of our cat toys by Blogger Last Year’s Girl

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Hi everyone,

We were lucky that our UK partner put us in touch with the Blogger Last Year’s Girl who wrote an amazing review for us about our toys! 🙂

Please find the relevant section of her overall festive cat post below but don’t forget to check out the rest of her blog post for other fabulous feline gift ideas. 😀

Although obviously delighted by Katzenworld’s (It was actually us but Katzenworld did the talking for us! :D) generosity, at first I was a little confused about why they thought I might need quite so many cat toys – until I realised it was part of the company’s philosophy. Cats, you see, go absolutely nuts for valerian, and spoiling each cat with his or her own toy is the best way to avoid potentially aggressive behaviour from a cat that gets a bit too possessive!

So what is valerian? Well, it’s a natural root which, when consumed by humans and many other animals has a proven tranquilising effect – it’s actually one of the main components of many herbal sleeping and anti-anxiety aids, which was how I was first introduced to it. In cats, however, it seems to have the opposite effect, prompting enthusiastic cuddling, sniffing, licking and rolling around the floor for sustained periods, which can be pretty hilarious to watch.

The reason for this reaction lies in a substance called actinidin contained in the valerian root, which is also found in catnip. The fragrance works on cats for between five and 20 minutes, and is followed by a “refractory” phase of between 30 and 120 minutes during which the cat will lose interest and no longer react to the material. It means you can pack the toys up and stow them away somewhere for future play, at which point the fun can begin again!

I had already come across 4cats’ valerian toys in either a Cat Hampurr or My Purrfect Giftbox subscription box, so I already knew that Scooter and The Big Man were big fans of this magical substance – even more so than catnip! And we had loads of fun playing with the 4cats rustling cushionwrestler and fried egg toys (“especially designed for gourmets and small egg thieves”!). The quality of these toys, which are made from top-quality cat-safe fabrics, thread and cotton wadding, as well as the more exciting ingredients, is absolutely second-to-none, and they’re built to last even the most vigorous cat-lovin’!

If valerian comes with a downside, it’s a super-stinky one: I mean it, it stinks. But I think it’s a small price to pay for the ecstatic delight my cats get from these toys. Much like with catnip toys, you want to allow valerian toys to dry off (I know, gross, but it’s true) after use then store them somewhere safe, making them a real treat when you bring them out to play again.

I honestly couldn’t recommend 4cats toys highly enough (and neither can these guys), and I really hope you check them out!


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