The Story of Spider the gentle Giant

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The Story of Spider the gentle Giant

Hi everyone,

Today we have a guest post from Louise Marie for you, in which she tells us how Spider the cat came to her:

Spider has been with us for almost 8 years now.

One day Spider just showed up, anxious and half-starved, he sat with at our garage. You could approach him at most 5 meters, then he run away .

Spider got his food every day, and some days he ate up to 3 cans of food! The first year we could only observe Spider from a distance, only after a year Spider began to build confidence in us, he now allowed us to touch him as long as it was gentle and knew that we wanted him no harm.

After almost 2 years, Spider wanted to come into our house and actually dared to step inside. But as soon as the door closed, he panicked and immediately wanted to get out again. So we left the door open at first.

Spider came, ate something and then left. Where he went? No one knows! It took a long time for Spider to stay inside longer than just to eat.

Spider is the biggest cat that lives with us, but also the most fearful, he is afraid of everything and anyone. His biggest fear are closed rooms. What poor Spider experienced we unfortunately do not know, but it was certainly something very terrible.

It’s now been 8 years that he comes every day to eat. When we come home he already waits at the street corner and will follow our cat. Even when we go out for walks with our dog he’ll come and follow us.

It’s taken a long time but Spider is at last trusting us and will allow us to stroke him.  But at night he still goes out and sleeps somewhere in the cold.

Sadly he will probably never lose his fear of closed rooms. We’ve never met a cat that is so proud and friendly as Spider.

We hope you enjoyed the story of Spider and if you’d like to share one too why not email us!



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