Merlin’s Adventure with our Valerian Toys

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Merlin’s 4Cats Valerian Toys Adventure

Hey, Merlin check out this package from 4Cats.

Hmm, let me see this, my human slave. Mmm, I smell yummy Valerian.

Yes, that will do. Put it on the ground so I can make my selection of which Valerian toys I want.

Oh wow that is a huge selection!

Hmm, the beige or pink?

They say pinks not for boys…

Ah, so soft, I don’t care if it’s pink.

*Merlin enjoying the toy*

Purr, I’m wiped out from my new Valerian toy.

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11 thoughts on “Merlin’s Adventure with our Valerian Toys

  1. I wish there was a way I could win some of these toys for my kitties..but I live on U.S.A. Last thing I heard was that Marc was going to talk to Germany and Let me know if I could enter the contest . I would Love to have the for the fosters I rehabilitate for treats for their hard work.🐯🐆 Being trained trust and social to get a furever home is hard work!🐯🐆.
    Andrea Gaines…Colorado, U.S.A.

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