Dirk vs. our new Premium Cat Wrestler

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Dirk vs. the 4cats Premium Cat Wrestler

4cats are working on a new premium range toys and Dirk was one of the lucky cats that got to test the new toys! He loves his old 4cats toys so how about this new range?

This look says it all, right?!

This Cat Wrestler is a really great toy for him. Dirk loves kicking and hugging it. It has catnip inside – as you will have read in Renegade’s review the versions with the blue and green strings contain catnip. It’s not too much catnip that drives him nuts, but it’s enough to get him curious about the toy. The fabric is soft and quite strong, strong enough to withstand his kicks 😉

Dirk is not too interested in the tassels. As far as he’s concerned these tassels make it easier for me to take his toy away and he does not like that! However, I do like them as it makes it easier for me to play with Dirk and the Wrestler – not taking your toy away Dirk just trying to have fun together 🙂

Dirk is an only cat so the concept of sharing is alien to him. But then, most cats – whether they live alone or share a home with other cats – don’t like sharing anything anyway. If you live with several cats with strong hunting/kicking skills then I’d do the same as what’s recommended with litter trays: 1 for each cat + 1 extra, then there’s never a fight over who gets to wrestle with this toy 😉

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