Renegade trials our new Premium Toys

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Today we would like to share with you a little preview of our new premium cat toy range!

These will be available shortly and in the run-up to their official launch we’ve sent some of these to “testers” around the world.

The first one to be featured is Renegade who lives in London with our friends from Katenworld. Those of you that follow both blogs may have seen his mischievous adventures already. 😉

In this first review we are testing the catnip version with him. You can identify the filling of the new toys by their string colours, blue and green strings contain our special 4catsnip filling. So what does Renegade think of them?

He immediately fell in love with them! Especially with the tassels on the durable strings. 🙂 The interesting thing about Renegade is that he is more of a hunter which is very common for exotic breeds such as the Oriental cat.

In addition to the tassels / strings providing a brilliant engagement factor on the toys he also very much liked kicking and shredding our large Cat Wrestler!

But our favourite moment has gotta be the sneak attack he performed!

Let’s make the toy think it’s safe by looking cute… followed by…

… a deadly sneak attack from above! 😀

As you can see our new toys are not just brilliant for cats that like to lick and get excited about valerian and catnip but also provide top environmental enrichment for the little hunters. 🙂



17 thoughts on “Renegade trials our new Premium Toys

  1. Hi!🐯 Andrea Gaines here. I foster a d rescue abused cats and kits. I live in the U.S.A Colorado. I do a lot of socializing and physical training with the cats who come to me sick or wounded. I would Love to be a tester for these toys! They would be great therapy toys and exercises. How can I be a tester?
    Sincerely…….Andrea Gaines.🐱🐈

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      1. Replying to your request for email.
        As I stated…I foster abused cats and teach(if you will)social skills so they can be adopted. Last year, I fostered And helped find furever homes for 28 cats and kittens. Their room is set up with many rotating obstacles to climb and stretch and build strength, most of which I make from old boxes and scraps of carpet. They aren’t pretty, but they’re functional, and made the way I need them to be for whatever special needs I have at the time. As you can imagine, it can be difficult to keep them stimulated. There’s always territory squabbles over toys and beds….but we manage😸. I have 6 of my own that all rescues…but due to their special needs and quirks…no one wanted them…they’re throw always…so to speak. But to me…nothing deserves to be throw away…we all deserve respect and my husband and I brought them by one. Thru the years …the local vets and I have established a relationship. When they get an cat that someone threw away or wanted put down because “he yowls too much and claws the furniture”, they take it to the back, and tell the person that they will adopt it out….then they call me.😸 and the little one comes home!🐯
        I would very much like to be a tester for your toys. I can post my findings on my blog or Facebook page just as the others do. I assume there’s paperwork to be done. That’s no problem, as I am unable to work right now, so I have time. (Recovering from cervical cancer). I also could share some of the toys with the local shelter I work with .🐱🐯.
        I will totally understand if you would rather keep your testers in Europe area…. it would probably be the most pragmatic way. .it’s just an idea. Thanks for lending an ear.
        Be Blessed. Andrea Gaines

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